Use Fresh Content To Raise Your Website Ranking

Many people wonder why their standard website is not doing for them what it used to. The main reason is that their page content doesn’t change often enough. The Internet has evolved in the past few years. Today, inter-connectivity and fresh, ever changing content are king. The top search engines now give the highest ranking in keyword searches to websites whose content changes often.

Protect Your Photos

How to stop others from stealing your photographs It is disconcerting to open a stranger’s web page and come face to face with your own photographs. It is even worse to see your work being sold by someone else. There is no foolproof way to prevent a determined thief from copying your photographs from the web. However, if you are …

LinkedIn’s top 10 overused résumé phrases

With national unemployment at 9.8 percent, Americans are looking for ways to make their job applications stand out. However, peppering résumés with tired or empty buzzwords probably isn’t the recipe for becoming a standout job candidate. LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, has compiled a list of the 10 most overused terms and phrases within the profiles of its …

Protect Yourself from Payback Cyber Attacks

DDoS cyber attack can harm you! If you have been reading the papers this morning you already know about Operation Payback, a group looking to avenge what they consider attacks by the corporate world against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Megapixel Exposed

What is a Megapixel (MP) Anyway? We have a great camera; a Nikon D90 DSLR just chock full of  megapixels. For each of those invisible megapixels, we have a million invisible pixels. I would rather not see a pixel. Seeing pixels in Photoshop generally means I’m attempting to use too low a resolution graphic at too large a size. Images …