Use Fresh Content To Raise Your Website Ranking

Many people wonder why their standard website is not doing for them what it used to. The main reason is that their page content doesn’t change often enough. The Internet has evolved in the past few years. Today, inter-connectivity and fresh, ever changing content are king. The top search engines now give the highest ranking in keyword searches to websites whose content changes often.

The best way you can accomplish this is:

1. Get a Blog. Blogs rank highest of all–this is because of the every changing content through on-going publishing of posts and interactivity with visitor comments. Blogs also offer great, built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features.

2. Join Social Media–Facebook, because of it’s social interactivity, allows you to connect with ever widening groups of people that your website is not reaching now. In December, 2010 Facebook overtook Google as the number one visited site on the Internet. Other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace can additionally raise your company’s profile in the search engines. But, you have to participate.

3. Connect–Connecting your website to your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/MySpace/YouTube accounts and these same accounts back to your website also greatly increases link popularity–another very key element in current SEO. Also, what you post on your blog can be made to automatically post to your Facebook page, etc.

Note: For example, when I published this post in my blog, it automatically fed my Facebook page. Subscribers to my blog, via the wonders of RSS, received an email telling them to take a look at this article.

The best combination of all is to maximize Social Media, create a blog, point that blog to your website and publish periodic posts about your business. Doing this keeps your content fresh and ever changing.

This article was intended to familiarize you with the concepts of Web 2.0. When selecting a graphic designer or webmaster, ask them if they can help you with Web 2.0 solutions for your company.

We have spent much time understanding social media in order to enhance our client’s presence in the new web. You can see some examples that we have done for ourselves as follows:

When you look at this page, you will see a link at the top to our Blog. You will also see a link to our Facebook page along
the right side column.

When you look at this page, you will see our landing page (Welcome) as well as additional pages (Tabs along the top) such as Web Clients, Print Design and Color Chart with links directly to our website.