Megapixel Exposed

What is a Megapixel (MP) Anyway?

We have a great camera; a Nikon D90 DSLR just chock full of  megapixels. For each of those invisible megapixels, we have a million invisible pixels. I would rather not see a pixel. Seeing pixels in Photoshop generally means I’m attempting to use too low a resolution graphic at too large a size. Images are made up of tiny dots (pixels). Visible pixels are yucky! They make my graphics ugly.

Lately megapixels are a hot topic in our household because my husband, the hiker, wants a pocket camera to take on the trails. But he also wants sharp, clear photos with rich, true colors. To get those high resolution photos to print at almost any size, for any purpose, or if you want to crop in closer, you need scads of megapixels.

Luckily my husband can fit 14 million pixels into his pants pocket. Now his new digital camera’s 14 megapixel sensor awaits his click to launch them into brief life as an electronic signal.

Did he really need so many megapixels? Probably not. Everything we read says a camera with around 5 megapixels will be sufficient for a home camera. He bought this camera for its excellent lens, and the excess megapixels came along for the hike!

Two photos taken at the same time of Fall colors in our yard demonstrate differences in quality are not simply a matter of megapixels.

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