Use Fresh Content To Raise Your Website Ranking

Many peo­ple won­der why their stan­dard web­site is not doing for them what it used to. The main rea­son is that their page con­tent doesn’t change often enough. The Inter­net has evolved in the past few years. Today, inter-​​connectivity and fresh, ever chang­ing con­tent are king. The top search engines now give the high­est rank­ing in key­word searches to web­sites whose con­tent changes often.

The best way you can accom­plish this is:

1. Get a Blog. Blogs rank high­est of all – this is because of the every chang­ing con­tent through on-​​going pub­lish­ing of posts and inter­ac­tiv­ity with vis­i­tor com­ments. Blogs also offer great, built-​​in SEO (Search Engine Opti­miza­tion) features.

2. Join Social Media–Face­book, because of it’s social inter­ac­tiv­ity, allows you to con­nect with ever widen­ing groups of peo­ple that your web­site is not reach­ing now. In Decem­ber, 2010 Face­book over­took Google as the num­ber one vis­ited site on the Inter­net. Other social media such as LinkedIn, Twit­ter and MySpace can addi­tion­ally raise your company’s pro­file in the search engines. But, you have to participate.

3. Con­nect–Con­nect­ing your web­site to your Facebook/​LinkedIn/​Twitter/​MySpace/​YouTube accounts and these same accounts back to your web­site also greatly increases link pop­u­lar­ity – another very key ele­ment in cur­rent SEO. Also, what you post on your blog can be made to auto­mat­i­cally post to your Face­book page, etc.

Note: For exam­ple, when I pub­lished this post in my blog, it auto­mat­i­cally fed my Face­book page. Sub­scribers to my blog, via the won­ders of RSS, received an email telling them to take a look at this article.

The best com­bi­na­tion of all is to max­i­mize Social Media, cre­ate a blog, point that blog to your web­site and pub­lish peri­odic posts about your busi­ness. Doing this keeps your con­tent fresh and ever changing.

This arti­cle was intended to famil­iar­ize you with the con­cepts of Web 2.0. When select­ing a graphic designer or web­mas­ter, ask them if they can help you with Web 2.0 solu­tions for your company.

We have spent much time under­stand­ing social media in order to enhance our client’s pres­ence in the new web. You can see some exam­ples that we have done for our­selves as follows:

Blog: www​.design​web​sites4you​.com
When you look at this page, you will see a link at the top to our Blog. You will also see a link to our Face­book page along
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Face­book: www​.face​book​.com/​g​r​a​p​h​i​c​d​e​s​i​g​n​s​b​y​s​k​e​t​c​h​pad
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